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Financial DNA

Revive has a dashboard facility to monitor performance, targets and various pertinent financial indicators. This information is not just translated into the management accounts but is used as a management tool to assist the branch in achieving its full potential.


A core focus that is often overlooked but just as important as the technical repair process is; how well a company can manage its administration and how easy it is for internal and external stakeholders to access information relevant to them. With Administration DNA, even insurers can receive updates on vehicle repairs simply by accessing the data from their web portal. This information is individually updated but centrally managed allowing for the us to utilize the information as a training and management tool.

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Administration and Management DNA


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Workflow DNA

By utilizing productivity tools in the workshop, Revive is able to facilitate a productivity flow based on data collected from all the repairs that have been allocated to a branch. This guides targets and training for Workshop and Paint shop managers as well as guidance in terms of understanding cost leakage in stores and paint shop in the business. Ultimately Workflow DNA will enable benchmarking across the branches and assist in aligning performance.

The current relationship between Insurance companies and their clients should be a seamless connection with the Autobody repairer being the linking party.

Revives focus has been based on a dual commitment to not only deliver quality but approach customer service through a more corporate and accountable model.